Daily Press Dot Com features a team of talented writers with a variety of backgrounds. Most of them worked for various online and offline news companies and have extensive experience in political, business and financial analysis, researching projects and delivering latest information available in the world of news.

Here is our team:

Nicolas Giurgiu – editor

Aldiyar Kuandykov – writer (Business, Politics, Finance)

Annemarie Hvidberg – writer, (World news, Finance, Business)

Laurentiu Stan  – writer (Sports, Travel, Entertainment)

Mazhar Abbas – writer (Business, Politics)

Steven Lee – writer (Technology, Entertainment, Auto)

Ali Mohsin  – writer (World news, Politics, Finance)

Mary Jane Thomas – writer (Health, Sports)

Brandon Callahan – writer (Politics)

Peter Swartz – contributing writer

Tim Shank – writer (World News, Technology, Health)

Walter Jacobsen – writer (World News)

Jonathan Stone – writer (U.S. News)

Reyna Jones – writer (Business)

Robert Bergman – writer (Technology)

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