Boston Children’s Hospital doctors perform brain surgery on baby

“The doctors prepared us for every scenario, but they never prepared us that she would live”, Erika said.

A baby girl from Florida has gotten a second chance at life after Boston Children’s Hospital doctors performed successful surgery on a brain tumor. Then at 30 weeks, a very large tumor was found in the baby’s brain that was deemed too risky for operation. “We were telling people and people just couldn’t believe it”, Stephen said. “The prognosis was very poor”. “It will be home with us, surrounded by love and in our arms”.

“Basically it’s like she’s been born again”. But that all changed in just 4 short weeks when the portion of her brain that was affected appeared “massive”.

Abigail Noelle Jones was born on August 6, with her family prepared for the worst. “She gained weight and she looked great”, Erika told WCVB. “If she dies, I don’t want it to be in plastic box in a hospital NICU”, mom Erkia told ABC News. One thing that had always stuck with the parents of baby Abigail Jones was that despite the cancerous tumor diagnosis the infant always seemed hearty and full of life.

That’s when the Jones’ made a decision to hop on a plane to grab a second opinion from physicians in Boston.

“The family was sent home from the hospital in Florida having been given a death sentence for Abigail”, Dr. Alan R. Cohen, neurosurgeon-in-chief at Boston Children’s Hospital, ABC News. After looking at it, Dr. Cohen said that Abigail’s tumor might not be malignant after all, and ended up doing surgery to remove it. “We operated on Abigail through a left frontoparietal craniotomy and removed the tumor, which, in fact, was benign”. He defined to the household that typically tumors might look malignant however end up to not be.

Abigail was discharged from Boston Children’s Hospital on Monday, but the family will remain in Boston for a few days for follow-up care. Bottling that up and carrying it with me forever.