Dependence on smartphone, signs of stress

Smartphone dependencyA study by American academics argues that smartphone addiction causes constant stress. The results of this study show a worrying fact given that young people have developed a high level of addiction to smartphones. Huffington Post reports on the harmful effects that smartphones have on the consumer psyche, by the simple fact that spending a lot of time with this device actually cause stress and great psychological load.

Although many mobile phone users claim that pressing a button brings moments of relaxation, the study contradicts these perceptions and offers six signs that show that smartphones cause psychological dependence for people.

You must answer the phone right away

If messages or e-mails that you did not answer cause you anxiety, then chances are very high that your cell phone actually cause you stress, rather than relieve your everyday tasks. However, if the phone interrupts your daily activities or spending time with friends, and you are forced to constantly respond to messages or e-mails, it is a sign that you have developed a compulsive behavior.

You constantly think that the phone rings or vibrates

A study conducted by the Indiana University-Purdue shows that a large number of mobile phone users have developed an addiction to technology and live under the impression that the phone vibrates or rings in their pocket or purse.

Curiosity about what others are doing

Another sign that supports the development of mobile phone addiction is the need to always know what others are doing on social networks. Internet access enables a more frequent verification, a clear example of dependence to the mobile phone.

You do not pay attention to those around

It happens to all those who spend a lot of time pushing the phone buttons. Whether you dine with family or friends, or participate in a chat with a colleague, your attention is constantly drawn to the mobile phone, another quite clear sign of dependence on the device.

A strange feeling when you can’t check your phone

If you have a strange feeling when you do not have your phone handy so you can’t check it, you already have a problem. Studies have shown that the feeling that this situation creates to those addicted to their phones is similar to what drug addicts feel.

Poor performance at school or work

A clear sign of mobile phone dependence can be found in the moments at school or at work when you do not wait for the break to check the activity on social networks. Studies have shown that this can cause poor performance in school and at work.