Facebook adds memory filter to ‘On This Day’ feature

They spin the feature another way: “Use these filters to help make sure we show you memories from On This Day in a way that’s meaningful for you”, they write.

While removing them from Facebook doesn’t quite quash the bad memories, at least users won’t unexpectedly be confronted with them while checking in on social media. To check if you can access the feature, head to the special page for “On This Day” select “Settings” and search for a person or event that you would not like to hear about anymore.

However the web site now gives the choice to decide on a date or an individual that’s related to bad memories, after which have them filtered out. But not all of these memories are happy ones. If you want to avoid the painful times, now you can.

A spokesperson for Facebook said they are aware people love to use its service for “celebrating good times like a birthday to getting support in tough times like the passing of a friend or relative”.

Facebook’s “On This Day” feature brings up old posts from the past.

Well, the good news is that you can now filter out your worst Facebook memories from On This Day thanks to a new feature that should in theory lead to far fewer unpleasant surprises. To remove certain people or dates, go to the “On This Day“, page and click “preferences” in the top-right corner.

Since launching in March, On This Day hascome under fire for casually forcing its users to relive sad, and sometimes even traumatic, memories they thought they’d left behind. Last year, Facebook rolled out a Say Thanks videos in time for Thanksgiving, but it exploited our sentimentality and prompted uncomfortable reminders of Facebook relationships that people might not actually be thankful for.