Screening for breast cancer

The companies selling these items claim to care about women with breast cancer.

One of those people is 14 year breast cancer survivor Sarahlyn Argrow.

In an effort to build on that momentum, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been declared “Paint Warren County Pink Weekend”, and community members are encouraged to wear pink and decorate with pink in observance of breast cancer awareness. Women ages 40 to 49 may want to talk with their doctors whether to start biannual screening before age 50, based on their personal risk factors and preferences. October 13 is National No Bra Day, an annual holiday reportedly created in 2011 by breast cancer supporters that’s now sweeping social media.

The high consumption of animal oil is also a cause for breast cancer, the research found.

Along with the lovely hues of October – the greens, oranges and browns – out also comes the PINK, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, younger women need to be aware and cautious because they are not immune to the disease.

The most common types of breast cancer develop as a tumor or collection of cancer cells that will create a lump in your breast.

A mammogram is able to find something early, even before there are any signs of cancer. She hoped to inspire women to overcome their own stresses with grace and humor. She was there with her husband of 27 years, Frank Pigott, for many chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

The party night, which is taking place on Friday, October 23, will include a disco, karaoke, several raffles, and competitions including guessing the weight of a cake, and guessing how many candies are in a jar.

“We know that early detection of breast cancer through mammography can result in significant health benefits, including increased treatment options and better survival rates”, the region’s breast imaging lead, Dr. Winston Ramsewak, said. He proves that perseverance with treatment can pay off.