Surface Book pre-orders sell out on the Microsoft Store

If the Surface Book does indeed continue selling like hotcakes, it would be a little surprising. The device is the first of its kind, as the screen can be detached from its keyboard. Rather, it is being marketed as a laptop-hybrid, according to Tech Crunch. That puts everyone who makes Windows laptops-known as original equipment manufacturers, in trade lingo-in a curious position: “What do you do when the partner that supplies your product’s brains releases a superior body?” Many will appreciate the Surface Pro 4’s full-size USB 3 port, even miniDisplay Port output, but the Surface Book offers a pair of USB 3 ports, the same vide output and a full-size SD card reader (the Pro 4 has a microSD reader).

“Really, it’s all about the speed”. The Surface Book for instance starts with 128GB of storage along with an Intel i5 chipset and has a price tag of $1,499.

The article adds that the Microsoft notebook adds a very unique fulcrum hinge that allows one to detach the display from the keyboard.

User “mtalinm” wasn’t completely enthralled by the device like everybody else.

There is no denying the fact that Surface Pro 4 despite looking a smaller device comes with a bigger screen. However, he then goes on to talk about the negatives. The last iteration of the tablet was itself an exceptional tablet and going by reviewers’ opinions, the latest tab is far better than the previous version.

Having taken a few lickings for OS gaffes in the past, by taking this approach Microsoft is trying to ensure that all Windows 10 users get the security patches, new features and other updates within a more reasonable timeframe.

The consolation for those who are desperate to give Microsoft money but didn’t get in on the ground floor, is that you can still pre-order a Surface Pro 4 – though judging by its availability, we’d recommend being quick about it.

At this point, it is safe to say that Microsoft did not expect such a huge demand for its latest product, as it has gone out of stock within a week from its announcement.

As we noted in our brief hands-on with the device, the Surface Book shows promise: It just feels like a premium device. It might be harder than you thought. Have you preordered Microsoft’s latest groundbreaking device?

“The reality is, though, that what we’re seeing here is continued experimentation with new models, and no one knows what people will actually end up buying”, he said.