The Trial of a Ukrainian Pilot in Russian Federation

“Seems to me it’s easier to go this way, add these $3 billion, so that they can pay and everybody’s fine”, Putin said at the meeting.

Ukrainian finance officials are set to open talks with Russian counterparts on the sidelines of IMF-World Bank meetings in Peru and will discuss maturing $3 billion eurobond Russia holds, a senior US official said on Thursday (Oct 8).

Putin warned the IMF against bending the rules “for a country destroying the system” and noted that Moscow, as a member of the IMF, was contributing to the fund’s aid to Ukraine.

Moscow bought the bonds from Kiev before the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovich was ousted early a year ago, opening a rift which widened with the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the pro-Russian rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has campaigned for Savchenko’s release, claiming that the charges against her were trumped up and that she should be treated as a prisoner of war.

“(Yaresko) provided details on the debt restructuring agreement reached with Ukraine’s Ad Hoc Committee of creditors and called Russian Federation to participate in that agreement”, the Ukrainian side said in a statement.

“After Russia lifts the bans, Russian airlines that are not on the sanction list will be able to fly to Ukraine“, the ministry said.

In September, Ukraine began restructuring its debt.

Three days later, the Russian government announced a ban on all Ukrainian air carriers from flying to Russia starting from October 25, saying it was a tit-for-tat response to Kiev’s actions.